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TTL-N Remote for Nikon

TTL-N Remote for Nikon image

The TTL-N Remote for Nikon gives users complete wireless control of Interfit premium monolights from the camera position.

  • Allows for precise power adjustment in Manual, TTL and High Speed Sync modes
  • Supports Nikon’s I-TTL protocol and is compatible with most Nikon cameras
  • Syncs at up to 1/8000sec.
  • Has an operating range of 100m (320′)
  • Gives control of the audible recycle beep and LED modeling lamp
  • Uses two AAA batteries

**NOTE: Your lights and remotes may need a firmware update to ensure complete compatibility. Check here for the latest firmware!


Interfit S1, S1A, Honey Badger, and Badger Unleashed





Control Groups:

3 – (A, B, C)

Maximum Flash Sync Speed:

1/250sec. in normal sync mode, 1/8000sec. in high speed sync mode

Transmission Range:

100m (320’)

Power Supply:

2 – AAA Batteries (not included)

  • [1x] TTL-N Remote for Nikon
  • [1x] Micro-USB Cable

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