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Tri-Fold Umbrella - Translucent - 43"

Tri-Fold Umbrella - Translucent - 43

Tri-Fold conventional umbrellas allow for folding down to a third of the size and a much more compact package than other conventional umbrellas, making them excellent companions for carry-on and personal item airline travel without sacrificing surface area with small speedlights and portable flashes.

Translucent shoot-through umbrellas create a soft, diffused light on your subject. Shoot-through umbrellas are unique to other umbrellas in that the light spill is not contained by a black backing. Light from these translucent umbrellas spreads in all directions, leading to increased ambient light in small studios and softer shadows. Translucent umbrellas are typically used in portraiture as a fill or accent light.


Shoot-Through Translucent

Open Face Diameter:

43” (109cm)

Arc Diameter:

52” (132cm)

Umbrella Shaft Length:

31” (79cm)

Umbrella Shaft Diameter:


Collapsed Size:

19” (48cm)

Fabric Material:

Soft white nylon with black backing

Frame Material:



0.9lb (0.4kg)

  • [1x] Tri-Fold 43″ Translucent Umbrella
  • [1x] Carry Bag

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