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Translucent Diffuser for 65" Parabolic Umbrellas

Translucent Diffuser for 65

These translucent diffusers enable photographers to convert a silver or white parabolic umbrella into effective softboxes. Adding a diffuser to these umbrellas creates a softer, more even light than can be achieved by an umbrella on its’ own. When used with the translucent umbrella, the diffuser can create the effect of a giant dome diffuser or china-ball for lighting an entire room evenly. The translucent diffuser accessory allows for softbox versatility when attached to any of the deep parabolic umbrellas while maintaining the quick setup time of the parabolic umbrella design.


Shoot-Through Translucent


65” (165cm)

Fabric Material:

translucent nylon


All Interfit 65″ Parabolic Umbrellas – UP7SI, UP7TR, UP7WH


0.4lb (0.2kg)

  • [1x] Translucent Diffuser for 65″ Parabolic Umbrellas

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