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Fluorescent Table-Top

Studio Essentials Table-Top Fluorescent Lighting Kit

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The Table-Top Fluorescent Lighting Kit is the perfect starter kit for table-top photography or desktop video broadcast. These lights are incredibly simple to operate and are the ideal lighting solution for small product photography for e-commerce listings. Silent operation, excellent color rendering, and flicker-free light output also make this kit ideal for small video sets such as vlogging, remote video conferencing, and Facebook Live broadcasting.

This kit includes:

  • Two energy-efficient 30 Watt (30W) daylight-balanced fluorescent lamps that remain cool to the touch, produce accurate colors.
  • Two lamp sockets with built-in 6” Reflectors that are designed to focus the spread of light, giving you control over the direction
  • Two 18” table-top light stands. These metal light stands can be adjusted from 10” to 18”.
Watt Output:

150W equivalent each

Watt Usage:

30W each

Brightness (Lux):

*measured under typical video conditions (800 ISO, 1/60)

0.5 meter: f5.6 (1663 Lux)

Color Temperature:


Variable Power:


Reflector Diameter:

6” (15cm)

Replacement Lamp:

30W Fluorescent Lamp – FLU30

Operating Voltage:


Cable Length:

5’6″ w/inline power switch

Light Stand:

LS303 – 18″ Table-top light stand

  • [2x] Light sockets with 6" reflectors and inline power switches
  • [2x] 30W Fluorescent lamps
  • [2x] 18" Table-top light stands

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