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Studio Essentials Snoot with Grid & Colored Gels

Studio Essentials Snoot with Grid & Colored Gels image

Snoots are used to concentrate the spread of light into a tight spot. The narrow beam of light created by a snoot is perfect for creating accents and highlighting certain elements in the frame. Snoots are also often used in portraiture for creating a hair light.

The Studio Essentials Snoot includes a set of five colored gels, allowing you to create an array of artistic effects, as well as a detachable grid cap to create an even tighter beam of light. All Studio Essentials modifiers utilize the widely-used Bowens S-Type mount, making them compatible with all Studio Essentials and Interfit flashes and LED monolights. The Studio Essentials Snoot has also been specially designed to fit over the glass dome of the Interfit S1, S1a, and Honey Badger.




Bowens S-Type

Grid Beam Angle:


Gel Colors:

Red, Green, Yellow, Blue


0.2lb (0.1kg)

  • [1x] Snoot
  • [1x] 40º Honeycomb Grid Cap
  • [1x] 5-piece colored gel set

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