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Studio Essentials Gray Pine / Blue Muslin Pop-Up Reversible Background Kit

Studio Essentials Gray Pine / Blue Muslin Pop-Up Reversible Background Kit image

This all-inclusive kit comes with a background, as well as a 7’6” light stand and clip. The background easily attaches to the stand via the clip and can be held in place using the Velcro fasteners on the sides of the background.

Studio Essentials Pop-up Backgrounds are designed to give you a variety of high-quality background options that require very limited setup time, store neatly, travel well, and ultimately look great! Each background measures 5’ x 6.5’ and can be used either vertically or horizontally, depending on your shot. Velcro fasteners on the top and side of each background allow you to secure your background to a stand and prevent any movement during your shot.

The Studio Essentials Double-Sided Polyester/Muslin feature a printed texture pattern on one side and a hand-dyed muslin on the other. This allows you to quickly change from an "environmental" setting to a standard studio setting.

This background features a light gray plank pattern on one side and a hand-dyed blue muslin on the other. The complementary cooler tones of both the planks and the muslin can be used to create an array of images. The texture in the plank can either be emphasized for a dramatic and gritty look or left out of focus for a soft, wintery feel, while the blue can either be under-exposed for increased vibrancy and depth or lit in order to create a brighter, softer look.

***Please note that all muslin backgrounds are hand-dyed, meaning the patterns will vary between each background. Eliminate wrinkles on the muslin side with a hand steamer. Do not iron. Do not use a steamer or iron on the printed polyester fabric. All Studio Essentials Pop-Up backgrounds should be gently wiped down with a wet rag should they need cleaning. Using detergents or other cleaners will damage the background.


Side 1 – Gray Pine
Side 2 – Dark & Light Blue

Background Material:

Side 1 – Polyester
Side 2 – Muslin

Frame Material:


Open Dimensions:

5’ × 6.5’ (1.5 × 2m)

Closed Dimensions:

27.5″ x 27.5″ x 3″ (80 × 80 × 7cm)


4lb (1.8kg)

Background Stnd:

COR780 – 7’6″ Stand w/reflector clip

  • [1x] Pop-Up Background - Gray Pine / Blue Muslin
  • [1x] Carry Bag
  • [1x] 7'6" Light Stand
  • [1x] Background / Reflector Clip

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