Interfit USA | Softbox - Square Pop-Up - 24"
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Foldable Softboxes

Softbox - Square Pop-Up - 24"

SKU: HB178
Softbox - Square Pop-Up - 24

A simple and sturdy speedlight-style foldable pop-up square softbox that easily wraps around a pop-up modifier mount. The same softboxes that come with our Honey Badger, Badger Unleashed, and 100W LED Monolight kits. Simply unfold, pop-up, and wrap over your favorite light and start shooting. When it's time to put things away, the Interfit pop-up square softbox folds down flat to a 6-inch circle with a simple pop and twist, then stores easily inside of the included nylon zipper bag.

  • [1x] 24" Square Pop-Up Softbox
  • [1x] Inner Baffle
  • [1x] Outer Diffuser
  • [1x] Nylon Zippered Carrying Bag

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