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Softbox - Deep Parabolic with Grid - 60"

Softbox -  Deep Parabolic with Grid - 60

The shape of deep parabolic softboxes creates a unique quality of light that is highly coveted by portrait, fashion and beauty photographers. The parabolic design creates a broad column of soft, even light with definite direction.

The inner 1-stop diffuser has a 2-stop center diffuser that eliminates the hotspot that is common with the parabolic design. This helps to create a soft light, even without the use of the outer diffuser. Removing the outer diffuser allows for even greater focus of the light and creates crisp, defined shadows while still maintaining the soft quality.

The large size deep parabolic softbox is great for throwing light efficiently over long distance for larger subjects such as entire scenes or walls.  It’s also ideal for soft upper-body portraits or crisp full-body shots and to paint a wash of crisp light.

Interfit’s new line of deep parabolic softboxes comes in three different sizes depending on the photographers needs. These new modifiers are designed for everyday use in professional studios and were crafted to meet the demands of even the most stringent photographer.

Every Interfit Deep Parabolic Softbox features:

  • High-quality fabric and rods, for everyday studio or location use
  • High-Contrast Silver Lining, for maximum light efficiency and even, edge-to-edge light throughout the softbox
  • UV-Coated diffusers, for more durability and to eliminate magenta color shift. The inner diffuser also features a 2-stop center spot to eliminate hotspots and further soften the light.
  • 40˚ Honeycomb Grid, for greater control of light spill.
  • Included 16-hole Bowens® S-Type speed ring

Round – hexadecagon


60” (156cm)


60” (156cm)


36” (90cm)

Inner Diffuser:

UV-Coated 1 Stop with 2-Stop Center

Outer Diffuser:

UV-Coated 1 Stop

Honeycomb Grid:

Included – 40º

Fabric Material:

Lightweight Nylon

Rod Material:



5.4lb (2.4kg)

  • [1x] 60” Deep Parabolic Softbox
  • [1x] UV-Coated Inner Diffuser with 2-stop center
  • [1x] UV-Coated Outer Diffuser
  • [1x] 40º Honeycomb Grid
  • [16x] Steel Rods
  • [1x] 16-Hole Bowens S-Type Speedring
  • [1x] Carry Bag

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