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Softbox - Octabox with Grid - 48"

Softbox - Octabox with Grid - 48

Interfit’s new line of professional softboxes comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes in order to fit the specific needs of all photographers. These new modifiers are designed for everyday use in professional studios and were crafted to meet the demands of even the most stringent photographer.

Every Interfit professional softbox features:

  • Durable, heat-resistant material, making it suitable for use with any flash, LED, fluorescent or tungsten light source up to 1000w
  • Pebbled-Silver Lining, for even, edge-to-edge light throughout the softbox
  • UV-Coated diffusers, for more durability and to eliminate magenta color shift
  • Velcro diffuser attachments, for an easier and more reliable hold than metal snaps
  • 40˚ Honeycomb Grid, for greater control of light spill.

Octaboxes create a unique, natural-looking light that is not easily replicated by traditional square or rectangular softboxes. These unique features make Octaboxes ideal for portraiture. The rounded shape of an octagon creates a natural, round catch light in the subjects’ eyes. Unlike traditional square or rectangular softboxes, octaboxes do not have a long straight edge. This creates a wrapping effect that opens up shadows and creates a natural, gradual gradient from highlight to shadow. Octaboxes are typically used in portraiture as a main light, or as a soft fill light.

***Speed Ring required. Sold separately 




48” (120cm)


48” (120cm)


20” (51cm)

Inner Diffuser:

UV-Coated, 0.5-stop

Outer Diffuser:

UV-Coated, 0.5-stop

Honeycomb Grid:

Included – 40º

Fabric Material:

Heat-Resistant Polyester

Rod Material:



4.8lb (2.2kg)

  • [1x] 48″ Octabox
  • [1x] UV-Coated Inner Diffuser
  • [1x] UV-Coated Outer Diffuser
  • [1x] 40º Honeycomb Grid
  • [8x] Steel Rods
  • [1x] Carry Bag

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