Interfit USA | Foldable Beauty Dish with Grid - 26"
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Foldable Beauty Dish with Grid - 26"

Foldable Beauty Dish with Grid - 26

Building off the success of the first generation of foldable softboxes, our new line keeps the same value principle, with a few added features. The opening mechanism has been completely redesigned for a sturdier frame and easy, one-step opening process for even faster setup. The fabric has been optimized for maximum light efficiency while maintaining a lighter weight, which is vital for location work. Finally, keeping with the same added value philosophy as our studio softboxes, each foldable softbox now includes a honeycomb grid for greater control of light spill. All Interfit Foldable Softboxes include a Bowens S-Type mount and are compatible with the Interfit S1, S1a, Honey Badger, as well as the Studio Essentials flashes and LED monolights.

The 26” White Beauty Dish is ideal for creating edgy and crisp light while featuring defined shape yet smooth texture in your subject. Used predominantly in fashion and beauty photography, beauty dishes create beautiful, silky skin tones and elegant round catchlights in your subject’s eyes. Using the two included diffusers allows you to soften your light source even more.



Open Dimensions:

26″ (66cm)

Closed Dimensions:

7.5″ x 7.5″ x 21″ (18 × 18 × 53cm)


Bowens S-Type

Internal Finish:


Softbox Material:


Frame Construction:


Honeycomb Grid:

Included – 40º


2.4lb (1.1kg)

  • [1x] 26" White Foldable Beauty Dish
  • [1x] Removable Deflector Plate
  • [1x] UV-Coated Inner Diffuser
  • [1x] UV-Coated Outer Diffuser
  • [1x] 40º Honeycomb Grid
  • [1x] Carry Bag

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  • Gary Mak Aug 10, 2018

    I’ve only had this a short time so I can’t comment on the “durability”, but it seems very sturdily made. For the money, it’s a great kit. You have to buy a speedlight (strobe) adapter separately for $25, in order to use it with a Speedlight, so the total price for a kit is really about $105 + tax. But it’s still a great deal, as the honeycomb grid is included (and those can get very expensive with other brands.)

    There are no instructions included, so you have to figure it out – easy enough, but there is an opportunity to bend the aluminum support wires if you aren’t careful. Once assembled it fits nicely back into the carrying case when collapsed. I would leave it assembled when storing as there’s little point in taking the hood off the metal frame as it fits just fine in the case. An instruction manual would be welcome, even if just to give tips/warnings on assembly.

    The photos I took with and without the honeycomb were excellent. No “shadow effect” from the beauty dish. I was very pleased with the results.

    There is a large lever-type handle on the S-type speedlight attachment that makes it easy to secure to the studio lighting stand. Nice touch.

    Overall, it looks like this will last a long time. I’m pleased with it and would recommend it.