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David Hakamaki operates a full-time, home-based studio in Iron Mountain, Michigan. David has gained international recognition for his work, his business photography related programs, and is affectionately known as the “Home-Based Photography Guru”.

David started out in the business world and opened his photography studio in 2002. His full time, home-based studio quickly became the highlight of his region and currently generates 6 figures of revenue in a small rural Michigan community. David has taught business, marketing and economics at multiple colleges and trains photographers on all aspects of posing, lighting, client relations, business and marketing.

His presentations not only focus on photography, but dig deep into the art of sales, marketing and client interaction. Understanding the pitfalls that todays photographers encounter, David uses his fun, quirky and dynamic teaching methods to offer a unique approach in presenting real world solutions to all levels of photographers.  His presentations on business topics bring college level material down-to-earth and easily implemented into anyones photography business.  He is the “go to” speaker on running a home based photography studio. David’s HS Seniors work has captivated audiences with his innovative ways to create a thriving senior business, create dynamic images that make his studio the “place to go” and  regularly bring in $1000+ sales.

David’s use of a wide variety of lighting products and techniques continues to keep him at the forefront of the photography industry as an Interfit Creative Pro.


  • WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Profofessionals International)
  • SWPP (Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers)
  • SISEP (Society of International School and Events Photographers)
  • PPA (Professional Photographers Association)