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  • Photography Happy Hour Ep.1 - Honey, Honey

    Photography Happy Hour Ep.1 - Honey, Honey

    October 24, 2017 | Jennifer Emery

    “Honey, Honey”, Episode #1 of The Photography Happy Hour w/ Jennifer Emery and Gloria Perez covering basic headshot photography w/ Interfit’s Honey Badger strobe, and the honey cucumber bourbon cocktail.

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  • Flash Duration with John Cornicello

    Flash Duration with John Cornicello

    October 23, 2017 | John Cornicello

    To our eyes a flash happens, well, in a flash! It appears instantaneous. But if you were to hook up an oscilloscope and the proper sensor you will see that a flash has a rise, a peak, and a fall. The rise is quite steep and the falloff starts almost immediately, but it then stretches out until the light totally fades. In most situations you don’t need to be concerned at all with the flash duration. It is almost always faster than your shutter speed in normal sync mode (we will talk about high speed sync separately).

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