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  • Interfit Launches New Line of Professional Modifiers

    Interfit Launches New Line of Professional Modifiers

    August 01, 2016 | Steven Squires

    Interfit’s main objective as a company is to develop and market quality products that are relevant to all photographers, delivering high performance at compelling price points. This new line of professional modifiers does just that. We have combined all of the features that the top-level professionals require in their modifiers, and brought them to market at a price that the majority of the market can afford.

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  • S1 Selected as a 2016

    S1 Selected as a 2016 "Hot One" Featured Product

    July 28, 2016 | Steven Squires

    All of us at Interfit are honored to announce that the S1 has been selected as one of the featured products in Professional Photographer magazine’s 2016 Hot Ones. Since its introduction to the market in January, the S1 has quickly become a go-to lighting solution for thousands of photographers at all stages of their careers.

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